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We are PacketZoom

PacketZoom improves customer experience on mobile apps by eliminating performance roadblocks in the mobile last mile. Our cloud service creates PZ Expresslanes™ customized for each mobile app user through cellular and WiFi networks. We accelerate and improve reliability of mobile content delivery.

Our team comes from a diverse technology background including Google, Akamai, Riverbed and Virgin Mobile. Our founders recognized the inherent challenge mobile app developers face in trying to optimize content and feature rich apps on devices that are constantly in motion. By removing bottlenecks at the application, device and wireless network levels PacketZoom delivers a comprehensive solution that speeds up performance for any mobile app.

We are technology addicts who love to push boundaries. We understand how important the user experience is for everyone who uses a mobile app. And we’re passionate about delivering a reliable, easy to implement solution that fundamentally changes how mobile apps perform.If your mobile app can live up to your full potential it would deliver an outstanding user experience anywhere. That means responsiveness, reliability and connectivity all the time.

About PacketZoom
PacketZoom was founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley with the goal of helping our customers deliver the best possible user experience to their mobile app users anywhere in the world.