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User retention, session length and number of sessions are all key performance indicators that companies watch daily. If India is a target market for you, this post will help you understand some benchmarks for your own data from retail apps in India.

App Engagement and Performance Data: Retail Apps in India(July 2016)

Here at PacketZoom, we speed up mobile app performance and also rescue failed network connections for hundreds of millions of app transfers every day. This leads to increasing user engagement and providing an improved user experience. We selected 4 retail apps in India with data that is representative of other apps in the same vertical:

  • App 1 is a large fashion retail app in India with about 250k Daily Active Users (DAUs).
  • App 2 is a medium sized eCommerce app with about 20k DAUs.
  • App 3 is a marketplace-based app with about 5k DAUs in the housing sector.
  • App 4 is a new fashion retail app with about 2k DAUs.

Background Insights:

The better performing apps (higher DAU) have some interesting user behavior. Specifically, their users:

  • Use the app for 150 seconds per session
  • Download 170 URLs per day
  • Have about 3 app sessions in the first 24 hours after joining
  • Experience faster downloads up to 484 Kbps on wifi, 296 Kbps on 3G, and 77 Kbps on 2G
  • Retain 30% of the users on Day 2

Session length

Localytics has published an analysis that shows the average time spent in an individual app across all sessions per month is 2.85 minutes. Data from the apps we analyzed shows that App 1 has the longest user sessions at about 150 seconds. Not surprisingly, session length is correlated with number of DAU.

Average session length of retail apps in India

App Usage

The average number of app sessions in the first 24 hours measures how engaged users are with the app. Our data shows that the more popular an app is (by DAU) the more sessions / user in the first day, except in the case of App 4 which has results that are approaching the top app. The second chart below shows that App 4 users are downloading a high number of URLs, which means they are consuming much content.

Average number of app sessions launched in first 24 hours after joining

Number of URL downloads per device on retail apps in India

Why is App 4 not performing as well as App 1 in terms of DAU?

Looking into download speed that users experience, we see that App 1 (with the largest number of DAU) has users downloading content faster than other apps. In India retail apps, most app usage are on WIFI and 3G - 40-60% on WIFI, 25-40% on 3G, 7-20% on 2G, and 2-8% on LTE. App 4 (with lower DAU) users are experiencing slow downloads (2-7x slower than that of App 1) yet are also requesting large amounts of content.

Download speed on WIFI/3G/2G on different retail apps in India

This combination of lots of content requests and slow download speed becomes a poor experience for the user. For retail apps in India, it becomes clear that the speed of downloading content is a critical factor in providing a great user experience.

What are some other metrics that matter to your app? Let us know and we'll be happy to dig into those for you.

Some resources for app user engagement and performance

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