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Travelyaari, a flagship brand of Mantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is the largest bus marketplace platform in India. In addition to bus ticketing service for bus commuters -- delivered through the Travelyaari website and an Android app -- the platform also offers enterprise-level solutions (ERP) to more than 2,000 bus transporters through BusCRS.

Results - Business KPIs

The Challenge

Performance and continuity are of the essence to any type of app, and even more so of travel apps, where users need to access information quickly on the go. Mobile network conditions in India are known to be challenging and unreliable. PacketZoom’s Mobile Observatory indicates that mobile app users in India experience an average of 14.7% session disconnects over 3G networks, along with relatively slow average content load times.

Travelyaari’s app users come from all over India, including remote cities with poor mobile network quality, leading to slow app loading times and frequent disconnects -- a common concern for personalized searches and travel booking, which rely on dynamic content delivery. With an increased focus on the mobile app, Travelyaari was looking for a solution to specifically improve the mobile app performance and reliability, both of which affect the user experience, retention and conversion rates.

The Solution - PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane

PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane is an in-app networking solution customized for each end user.

PacketZoom’s SDK offers a lightweight drag-and-drop integration with a minimal memory footprint. With its existing CDN infrastructure intact, Travelyaari was granted full operational monitoring and control through the dashboard, which allowed the team to conduct A/B tests and observe performance with and without PacketZoom.

The Technical Results

Performance: PacketZoom sped up Travelyaari’s app by up to 1.87x compared to its existing solution.

Continuity: Prior to integrating PacketZoom, up to 7% of all sessions experienced disconnect. PacketZoom was able to rescue 77% of sessions from suffering disconnects. This means faster, more successful API calls with PacketZoom.

Results - Continuity graph

Results - Business KPIs

Faster, more reliable content delivery improves the overall user experience, and Travelyaari saw immediate impact on user engagement and retention:

  • Screen views per session increased 5.8%
  • User churn (abandonment rate) reduce 5.3%
  • User engagement (application click rate) increased by 7.5%

"Travelyaari is always looking to stay ahead of the tech curve and keep improving user experience" said Amit Kumar Singh, Travelyaari’s CPO. "Adding PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane was a natural evolution in overcoming the network challenges and scaling our mobile app. The SDK was easy to integrate and showed immediate improvements in user engagement and customer retention."

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You can also download this full case study, or access more case studies here.

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