The PacketZoom Expansion to Southeast Asia - why the timing for a mobile-first tech in the region couldn't have been better

Date By Ripu Daman, Head of Business, PacketZoom India & Southeast Asia Tags PacketZoom / mobile apps / mobile gamers

Mobile Trends in SEA

Mobile apps govern our lives, from kicking off the day with the news app to making a restaurant reservation or sharing experiences with our network and friends. For almost everything we do, we rely on mobile apps to provide a one-tap solution and Southeast Asia is no exception.

While the mobile internet takeover from desktop is old news, it's growth rates in Southeast Asia are nothing short of phenomenal. The region (along with India) is the leading source of mobile internet growth, which has added more than 500 million new internet users globally in the period 2014-17. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines have a significantly larger number of mobile connections vs. the current population, however the internet penetration stands at a low 50%. That's where the next few hundred million internet users are expected to come from.

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Why you should make your gameplay fast (or Game over!)

Date By Shlomi Gian, CEO, PacketZoom Tags PacketZoom / mobile apps / mobile gamers

Countless mobile game publishers have tried to formulate the winning recipe for successful mobile games. Some of them seem universal and straightforward, while others are controversial or genre-specific.

Top Mobile Games

Not surprisingly, the indisputable ingredient that is both fundamental and critical to a mobile game's success is simply performance. It affects every stage and each component of the user experience. Players are likely to abandon a game if its content takes too long to download or if they suffer too many disconnections.

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TCP Slow Start Doesn't Have to Be So Slow

Date By Aaveg Mittal, Protocol Team Lead, PacketZoom @aavegmittal

Mobile networks, like most others, rely on transmission control protocol (TCP) for data transfer. But this decision often produces poor results. TCP is a protocol meant for stable networks -- and all too often, mobile is anything but stable, with unreliable and often bottlenecked connections that conflict with TCP methodologies like slow starts on transfers.

But while TCP looks inevitable from some angles, outperforming TCP is actually not as difficult as it looks. The problem is certainly complex, when many moving pieces are involved. But if we can break the problem down into digestible chunks and apply observations from the real world, improvement becomes achievable.

To explain, let's start with a picture of how the internet works today. In simple terms, the internet is made up of links of different capacities, connected by routers. The goal is to achieve maximum possible throughput in this system. However, the links all possess different capacities, and we don't know which will present bottlenecks to bandwidth ahead of time.

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How to Choose an Android HTTP Library

Date By Leanid Vovk, Lead Engineer at PacketZoom Tags Android / OkHTTP / Volley / Retrofit / Fresco

Today almost every Android app uses HTTP/HTTPS requests as the main transport for transferring data. Even if you're not using HTTP directly, you may be using multiple SDKs that rely on HTTP for networking, such as analytics, crash reporting and ads.

So it's fair to say that HTTP is the ubiquitous, and perhaps even obvious, choice for data transfers. But choosing HTTP in Android should also include some consideration of the available libraries. Besides well known public APIs like HttpURLConnection or Apache Client, there are many great libraries to choose from. Why choose them? Because of the lengthy list of capabilities that alternative libraries may be better for, such as:

  • ability to cancel network calls
  • execute requests in parallel
  • connection pooling to re-use existing socket connections
  • local caching of responses
  • simple async interface to avoid blocking in main or UI thread
  • wrapping REST API calls
  • retry policy and backoff
  • efficiently load and transform images
  • serializing through JSON
  • support SPDY, HTTP/2.
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Does your Application Performance Management solution tell you the real story?

Date By Rohith Ramesh, PacketZoom Customer Success Engineer Tags Wave App / Api / Acceleration

Or: How long does it really take to access your Mobile API?

Many app developers use mobile APM (analytics) solutions such as New Relic or Apteligent to better understand the performance of their application. Since these solutions were designed with a web mindset (i.e. http traffic only), when used in modern applications that leverage advanced mobile networking stack they overlook a crucial performance area related to network disconnects and the impact these disconnects have on the end user.

Take for example a simple flight search API call in a travel app (say Expedia): the user hits the search button and on average waits 20 seconds to get the response back. The longer the response time, the higher the probability of a network disconnect. Let's explore a few scenarios...
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The PacketZoom Difference: How to evaluate app performance solutions

Date By Daniella Balaban, Head of Marketing Tags Mobile / Api / Acceleration

At PacketZoom, we are technology addicts who love to push boundaries. As such, we embrace competition as a driver of our innovation cycles. It keeps us on our toes while we thrive to optimize our technology even further, aspire for excellent customer service and expand our vision.

However, when speaking to customers we often time meet smart professionals that were fed with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), that could potentially confuse them when making an important business decision such as selecting the right solution to speed up their mobile application.

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Wave – Accelerating a Private Location App

Date By Guest contributor: Pablo Clemente, CTO, Wave Tags Wave App / Api / Acceleration


How many times have you endured the painful process of meeting up with someone and having to constantly text and/or call them to find out where exactly they are? This is not only vastly inefficient and frustrating, but it is also a potential danger for anyone who is driving or moving. Until recently, there was no default App to locate your contacts, despite having seen many attempts, such as Facebook with Find my Friends and Google with Latitude .

The App

Wave Application is a Spanish startup founded in 2014 after Manuel De La Esperanza and Luis Gelado noticed there was no real, functional solution in the location app market to help people find each other. Today Wave is an app that allows more than 7 million users to locate their contacts in real time on a private map. Potential uses include meeting friends and family in music festivals, when travelling in a new city, in outdoor sports events and many others. Wave is especially strong in US, India, Latam and Spain. With a new Wave being opened every second, 1000 years of App use in total, and over 2,100,000 monthly active users, Wave is here to stay.

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PacketZoom awarded for "Changing the innovative landscape of the tech community" at the Innovators 2017 SAMCEDA Award of Excellence

Date By Daniella Balaban, Head of Marketing, PacketZoom Tags SAMCEDA Award / mobile acceleration

"It all started on a train". Shlomi Gian, PacketZoom CEO accepted the Innovators 2017 SAMCEDA Award of Excellence at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood City, and shared the story behind the mobile app performance challenge and the frustration that inspired CTO Chetan Ahuja to start PacketZoom in 2013.

The PacketZoom team was honored to receive the award in the presence of city officials from across the Bay Area, corporate sponsors including Google, Genentech and Wells Fargo and five other Innovator Award recipients: Roblox, Apixio, Stem, Enjoy and KindredBio.

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Natives Do it Better

Date By Leanid Vouk Tags PacketZoom / SDK / React Native

React Native allows developers to create mobile apps that feel truly "native"2017; PacketZoom ensures the apps deliver the performance and dependability users expect—every time.

Mobile apps are shaping every aspect of people's lives: from playing games to connecting with one's professional network, consuming news, or buying a new pair of sneakers. As consumers and businesses grow their embrace of mobile apps, the mobile dev community eagerly welcomes technology platforms designed specifically for them, recognizing that a Mobile-first space deserves to be supported by mobile-first solutions to ease implementation and optimize user experience.

Mobile is now the leading digital growth driver with 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is rapidly becoming a "secondary touch point" for a large percentage of the US digital audience. When using a mobile app, users have expectations ranging from performance to usability and when an app doesn't meet those expectations, they uninstall it. Read more ...

Traditional CDNs are Losing Competitive Edge in US Mobile App Arena

Date By Shlomi Gian Tags CDN / Amazon / Akamai

The PacketZoom team analyzed the Top 100 Websites and compared it with Top 100 Mobile Apps to see which CDN Solutions are dominating the competitive landscape and how much variation there is in CDN Market Share between Web and Mobile Apps.

CDN Market Share - Top 100 Websites

  • No surprise: Akamai is leading the market with 35.3% market share
  • Vendors such as Fastly, Verizon (EdgeCast) and Amazon CloudFront follow a 3:1 ratio
  • Multiple smaller players indicating a mature, saturated market

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