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React Native allows developers to create mobile apps that feel truly "native"2017; PacketZoom ensures the apps deliver the performance and dependability users expect—every time.

Mobile apps are shaping every aspect of people's lives: from playing games to connecting with one's professional network, consuming news, or buying a new pair of sneakers. As consumers and businesses grow their embrace of mobile apps, the mobile dev community eagerly welcomes technology platforms designed specifically for them, recognizing that a Mobile-first space deserves to be supported by mobile-first solutions to ease implementation and optimize user experience.

Mobile is now the leading digital growth driver with 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is rapidly becoming a "secondary touch point" for a large percentage of the US digital audience. When using a mobile app, users have expectations ranging from performance to usability and when an app doesn't meet those expectations, they uninstall it.

To tackle the challenge, developers are searching for new paradigms in application development that don't try to emulate native capabilities but leverages them. React Native is a good example: it's an open source Javascript, rendering platform-specific components and allowing web developers to write mobile applications that look and feel truly "native". Plus, because most of the code can be shared between platforms, React Native makes it easy to simultaneously develop for both Android and iOS.

A new React Native perk is the option to integrate PacketZoom's Mobile Expresslane SDK.

With PacketZoom, users receive an accelerated user experience: significant content download speedup, less dropped connections and improved continuity. PacketZoom's technology is designed from the ground up as modern UDP-based protocol with mobile apps in mind. By removing roadblocks in the mobile last mile, PacketZoom significantly accelerates the performance by 2 to 3 times, rescues up to 80 percent of the sessions from TCP connection drop, and reduces CDN costs. PacketZoom is designed specifically for native mobile apps, and offers a simple, fast one-line SDK that immediately accelerates app performance in both ios and Android.

When building a new app, developers find themselves challenged by the need to use different stacks of technologies, programming languages, tools and libraries. They are constrained by memory management limitations, threading, networking, UI layout and animations, best practices, and more. With no code sharing and low iteration speed, scaling becomes a challenge.

Today we're redefining how networking works for React Native apps, empowering them with PacketZoom SDK and our Mobile Expresslane solution.

Getting Started

Getting started with PacketZoom has been designed and engineered to be simple and straightforward. You can integrate the SDK into your app in minutes. No other changes to your app, to your infrastructure configuration are needed and there's no additional hardware to install or software to implement. Start Integration here.

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