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Last week there was some pretty big news in the mobile app developer community: Facebook is shutting down Parse. While giving the community who rely on Parse a whole year to find an alternative is a nice gesture from the Facebook/Parse team, it still sucks. Your choices are pretty straight forward: Find an alternative and rebuild your app, or host your own instance of the Parse Server on your own infrastructure. Part of what made Parse so great was that you didn't have to worry about your server side. Now, along with figuring out how to make you app work in a world without Parse (Yikes!), you have to worry about dealing with how your app will scale if usage starts to grow(double Yikes).

Over here at PacketZoom, we spent some time thinking about what, if anything, we could do to help. We've always been a developer focused team. We're wired to support the developer community.

We can't replace Parse, but we can support mobile app developers. What we've decided to do is to take some of the work off your plate. Instead of figuring how to scale, and building out infrastructure to support your users around the world in addition to everything else, let PacketZoom give speed and scale to your iOS and Android apps. We already have world wide infrastructure that speeds up static content delivery and provides reliable delivery when TCP fails. We've been working on our next big release. This will allow faster and more reliable delivery of dynamic content and will include supporting Parse API calls. This is currently in beta. We expect a general release of this feature sometime this quarter.

So here’s the deal:

Any developer who has or had a published Parse app that joins that PacketZoom community will get 6 months of free PacketZoom service for their iOS and Android apps. You worry about building the right thing for your users - whether that means throwing up your own Parse Server for your app, or rebuilding it with something else. We’ll worry about scale, speed and reliability of the content delivery.

We'll add a few things to our dashboard so that you can identify yourself to us and we’ll get you set up right away. Any questions? Comment below or email us at

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