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The emerging area of mobile app performance acceleration received a strong vote of confidence last week: Salesforce acquired Twin Prime to power its upcoming mobile development platform. I would like to congratulate the Twin Prime team on joining Salesforce.

Most people by now have of course heard of Salesforce, but Twin Prime? Not so much. Unfortunately reading media reports on the event will shed no light on why Salesforce bought a company that makes nothing resembling an app and promotes itself as a machine learning for mobile performance company.

This acquisition will not burnish Salesforce’s credentials as an AI company nor add additional features to automate their sales and marketing platforms. It may do something more important.

The acquisition is confirmation that enterprises are facing a big problem and it’s getting worse: mobile performance. Network performance vendors are not able to solve this problem and a technology vacuum is created.

Web technologies have marginal contribution when used over mobile networks. Technologies that were originally designed for the desktop web where network conditions did not include dead zones, poor signal strength, random disconnections and other challenges unique to the mobile world. Through this move Salesforce acknowledged that mobile performance is not meeting user expectations and Web-era acceleration solutions are not working.

We’ve been intimately involved with helping customers solve mobile performance challenges for several years. At PacketZoom we’ve created a way for mobile app developers and publishers to deliver an accelerated experience to the end user. We call it The Mobile Expresslane, and it’s being used by companies that rely on mobile commerce which now amounts to $70B a year from in-app commerce and advertising. This includes everything from mobile games, retail commerce and advertising. Millions of daily users rely on PacketZoom to accelerate their mobile app experience.

What we’ve learned from our customers in this time is that mobile apps that use PacketZoom deliver a faster, more reliable experience which in turn leads to higher user engagement. What company can afford to ignore demanding mobile users?

Salesforce’s acquisition is an implicit acknowledgement that mobile app developers have to take matters into their own hands when it comes to the mobile user experience. What’s more, it’s an explicit acknowledgement that developers can do something about poor mobile performance.

If you’ve wondered about the impact poor mobile app performance is having on your business KPIs I invite you to try out PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane for free (sign-up: If you are an existing Twin Prime customer looking for an alternative solution we are here to help; take our SDK for a ride for free for the first 90 days.

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