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Date By Alex Markovits

Each summer PacketZoom runs an internship program for college students around the country. This year we had two engineering interns, and we've asked them to describe their experience working here.

Hi, my name is Alex Markovits. I'm a rising senior at MIT in computer science. This summer I worked at PacketZoom, and today is my last day! TL;DR: would recommend.

I learned a lot with very little hand holding. On a daily basis I was exposed to some new tool---Kibana, re:dash, Ansible, Consul, supervisord, cron, Wireshark, the "lsof" command... the list goes on. By the end I had touched nearly every piece of the backend. It's wild how much intuition I gained every time I expanded my knowledge of the bigger picture. Most importantly, I was in the presence of incredibly good engineers.

The team is small, and in the best way - agile enough to quickly tackle any problem that's thrown their way. If there was some issue in the middle of the night, most likely it would be solved, tested, and pushed by morning. Not because of some impetus placed by management, but because everybody in the team wants this to succeed. 'Twas a great first exposure to the startup world.

On the business side, I would often witness meetings with advisors or potential investors. I was surprised at how 'real' these meetings were. Someone once told me that the world is run by people - it sounds innocous, but it's an incredibly powerful anecdote.

I often wonder what I'm doing staring at a screen all day when there's a whole world to see.

Computer Problems

This summer, coding was fun. It wasn't the mind-numbing "let's make this small feature that may or may not ever be used and requires no thought except what to google to find the correct stack overflow page". It was real problem solving, and it was up to me to make it work. If you're solving work problems while thinking in the shower, you probably have a good job.

If I hit a roadblock, at least 5 people in my 10 foot radius could offer a way past. If I screwed something up, it would matter... and I loved that.

Also worth mentioning is that everyone here is a good person, and I wish each of them the best. If you get a chance to work with these guys, you should!

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