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Date By Jatin Mistry

Each summer PacketZoom runs an internship program for college students around the country. This year we had two engineering interns, and we've asked them to describe their experience working here.

Hello, my name is Jatin Mistry and I will be graduating at the end of Fall 2015 from George Mason University. Over the past few months I have been working as a summer Intern at PacketZoom Inc. It has been a really good experience as I got to work with some brilliant people in the industry.

I had always heard that working at a startup, it’s mostly a small well-gelled team trying to do some really awesome stuff. This is very true of what I experienced here at PacketZoom. Being a small team, it’s not feasible for everyone to keep tabs on what is happening with their complex systems at every moment. You need some mechanism through which you can monitor changes regularly. That means you need to make sure that daily tasks are automated, do the system monitoring for you and give you a gist of updates about the system. Automating tasks increases the productivity of the team. My work for the summer was directly related to these ideas.

I learned about and used many tools here: Redshift, Kibana and Git to name some. I was able to polish my programming skills, and by the end had worked on or with almost all the tools that are used by every person in the technical team. I still have to learn many things but working here has surely broaden my knowledge of the industry. Its fascinating how working on the real issues to find out why something happened in the first place increases your curiosity and desire to keep digging into the data and come up with various questions and suggestions towards solving that problem.

The team is small but that does not bog them down to solve big problems and each person in the technical team contributes towards solving the problem; sometimes together chiming in on some features and sometimes doing their individual experiments to fine tune the algorithm.

Another aspect of my experience that I really appreciated is that we would always be kept informed of the various business related stuff going on, be it a potential client meeting or meetings with the investors, or the underlying reasons a strategic decision was being made. This not only made me feel like an important part of the team but also helped me learn nitty gritties of a startup.

The coding part was good and it was even better when I was able and expect to add new features. Every member of the team would actually discuss potential improvements thus giving rise to a potential feature. Sometimes you also stumble upon amazing things that you always wanted to do but never knew how to go about it.

The summer was also fun. We would sometimes play ping-pong or Call of Duty and make Chai in the afternoon to refresh and unwind. Lunch was fun too with people watching TV and gel along. I am very glad I chose to spend my summer with PacketZoom - I learned more than I expected, and got to contribute to a great startup.

Everyone in the team is a good person. I am glad to make some good friends here this summer and was able to work alongside them. I believe PacketZoom has a great future and its best days are ahead of it. I wish the team and its members the very best. I would recommend you to work with these guys if you get the opportunity.

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