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Since the time PacketZoom was just a seed of an idea a few years ago to today, we've been driven by one abiding principle. Take on really hard challenges and assemble the best team possible to take them on. Given where PacketZoom is today - millions of devices running our SDK, billions of hits a month on our servers, large apps from respected companies depending on our infrastructure for their success - we must be doing something right. The best is yet to come though. And we're preparing for the future with an amazing addition to our team.

Today, I'm excited to welcome another superstar to the PacketZoom family. Shlomi Gian is joining the team and taking over the responsibilities as CEO. I'll continue to lead product team as CTO.

Shlomi comes with a background of deep knowledge in the mobile and network performance space. He was a key member of the Cotendo team which aspired to build a mobile specific CDN before getting acquired by Akamai. At Akamai, Shlomi led mobile app market development for the company's CDN business. Prior to Cotendo, Shlomi spent a number of years leading sales for network and mobile performance at Keynote and Device Anywhere.

As a leader at Cotendo and especially at Akamai, Shlomi had a ringside seat to the emerging mobile network performance efforts. While the various industry and startup efforts continued to underwhelm for a number of years, something in PacketZoom's product caught Shlomi's attention.

In his own words "I noticed that PacketZoom had taken a breakthrough approach to unique challenges of mobile networking. It's the first product I've seen in this space that easily overpowers existing tech in real world conditions!".

Well, we appreciate the vote of confidence :-). Welcome to PacketZoom Shlomi. Adding your deep market knowledge and Go-to-market experience to the product we've built so far, there's no limit to what we can achieve. Here's looking forward to an amazing partnership in the coming months and years.

Chetan Ahuja

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