PacketZoom offers a protocol based technology service - designed specifically for native mobile apps. Deployment is easy because we transparently proxy HTTP requests through our stack without any client or server side code changes required.

PacketZoom's protocol is faster because we reduce the number of round trips, reduce the HTTP protocol overhead, and eliminate slow starts and aggressive backoffs that are characteristic with TCP. The result? Maximized use of available bandwidth which means faster content downloads from the cloud.

Faster Startup

Latency, the time it takes for a packet to get from a server to device, is the number one killer of speed. PacketZoom reduces the number of roundtrips to the server so that roundtrip latency has less chance to slow things down. The initial payload is determined by type of connection, so if you're on a fast LTE connection you get more data upfront than if you're on flaky 3G or 2G connection, and PacketZoom can start with 100kb instead of 15kb.

// TL;DR
// Fewer round trips per file and we use bandwidth hella efficiently.

Intelligent Handling

Mobile networks routinely drop a small percentage of packets because of the very nature of mobile technology.

PacketZoom protocol (PZP), has a built-in mechanism for actively monitoring the network condition as experienced by the receiving device. This allows us to react more intelligently to dropped packets.

For example, a handful of dropped packets, which could decimate bandwidth usage over TCP, are far less destructive because of the active feedback mechanism from the mobile device to the server.

In contrast, TCP, has baked in 40-year-old assumptions about what a dropped packet means: TCP always assumes that a dropped packet means a router along the way is experiencing congestion. There's no built-in feedback mechanism to allow it to judge the condition of the network apart from simply waiting for an acknowledgement of a packet from the receiving side. TCP acts aggressively to prevent router congestion in the absence of high quality information about what the receiving side is experiencing.

// TL;DR
// Relying on 40-year-old assumptions is kinda dumb, so we actively monitor network conditions.

Seamless Connection Handling

PacketZoom treats the actual mobile device as the destination for data packets, compared to legacy protocols that use only the device's IP address.

Treating the device itself as a unique destination allows PacketZoom to easily handle the intermittent nature of mobile connections in an intelligent, fault-tolerant way. So as your device moves across networks, any ongoing transfers can continue seamlessly something that is simply impossible with old-fashioned legacy protocols.

// TL;DR
// We expect solar flares or tunnels to mess things up and built our protocol for the real world.


Our technology requires an SDK integration. We’ve worked hard to make it very easy to integrate, giving you full control over the integration through our dashboard and made it fault-tolerant and very safe.

Simple Integration

We've designed PacketZoom to make it as easy as possible to use. Technically, you could integrate our SDK without a keyboard. You add our framework, copy our init, and that’s it. No need to modify every content request, or install anything on your servers.


Our memory footprint has been carefully tuned to be as small as possible.

Fail Forward Technology

Before the first request that uses our protocol delivers any content, we check to make sure that everything on our end is healthy and fast. If anything seems wrong with our system, your users won’t be impacted so the worst case scenario is that your app is the same speed as it is today. We do checks like this for every user both when they launch your app, and throughout a session.

Dashboard Control

You always have full control over your app. Our dashboard lets you turn PZP on and off without having to rebuild and redeploy. You also have full regex control over the content going through PZP.


Designed from the ground up for a mobile first world; we’re not bound by 40-year-old networking technology, only the laws of physics.

To users, a 100 ms delay starts to feel ‘laggy’. At 1 second, mental context shifting occurs. By 6-10s, the user has left and may never come back. Any optimization you build in at the application layer is magnified by the raw, unadulterated speed that PacketZoom unlocks.

User Experience

A great app user experience is ruined if the user has to wait too long to interact with it. Any optimization you build in at the application layer is made better by having access to raw, unadulterated speed. For users, speed is the user experience.

Engagement and Retention

Getting people to open your app is hard. Don’t make it any more difficult. Decades of research and entire industries have shown that slow loading times can have a dramatic negative impact on engagement and retention. Faster content downloads have a direct and positive impact on engagement and retention, and that’s a fact.


It takes real value and trust to convince users to spend real money in your app. Speed affects monetization.

Speed Test Videos
* These videos were created in the PacketZoom lab - we don’t currently work with any of these developers. We picked them because they are examples of great apps who are using current industry best practices to make their apps as fast as possible.



Gaming & Social

"Downloading additional content assets were always a challenge for our mobile games until PacketZoom was put in place. By shortening the download time, PacketZoom’s technology reduced the drop-off rate during the download process, and brought our players a better user-experience in our games."

- Louis Jr. Lor, Project Lead @ Frenzoo
"Integration was a snap! We were able to integrate the SDK within an hour."

- Dan Ogles, CTO @ Proletariat
"PacketZoom's protocol technology has been able to deliver speeds for our content delivery that we did not think was possible with traditional solutions"

- Carlos Matsumoto, Lead Software Engineer @ Voltage Entertainment USA
“We tried several solutions in the past but we were either unimpressed or unsuccessful. We have 69M installs of four games worldwide and about 2 million monthly active users. As the demand for HD quality graphics grows in the mobile space, so do the sizes of our games and subsequently the need for us to stream content from the cloud. Streaming takes time and adds friction to the first load experience. PacketZoom helps remove the friction and avoids compromising the quality of our games. Initial download times are now faster and the visual experience and quality of the graphics in our games improved as well. We see less players leaving before ever really experiencing the game. Sitting and waiting for content to finish loading now takes seconds and in this day and age, seconds is about as much patience as players can muster.”

- Victor Rubba, CEO of Fluik Entertainment.
“There are many mobile apps offering slow, clunky hotel booking services. We stay ahead by ensuring our iPhone app is very accurate and very quick – essential when people are booking time-sensitive last minute hotel deals. Once we integrated PacketZoom into Top10, we significantly sped up data downloads for our one million users, and increased click-through rates – helping convert more visitors to customers.”

- Harry Jones, Co-Founder & CPO, Top10.