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PacketZoom Mobile Connect

Mobile app development is complex enough. Eliminate your development cost, reduce operational cost and get your app to market faster with PacketZoom’s Mobile Connect.

Mobile Connect provides real time multiuser communication, by leveraging our proprietary networking stack, mature mobile SDK and hundreds of globally deployed servers. No need to build your own networking solution or license inflexible software.

Mobile Connect is currently in closed beta. Request early access for the opportunity to drive its evolution to best fit your multiplayer app needs.

“In recent years multiplayer gaming on mobile proven very popular and lucrative. Unfortunately the effort associated with building a reliable networking layer represents a significant undertaking for game developers. PacketZoom operates a global UDP based cloud solution and is uniquely positioned to offer an alternative, affordable service that will reduce complexity for multiplayer game developers, reduce operational cost, and accelerate their title's time to market.”

Tim Wilson, ex-CTO of Glu Mobile, Electronic Arts and technical advisor to PacketZoom

Save the need to hire in house network engineers to develop your TCP replacement.

Reduce the cost of in-house service operation and leverage our globally distributed cloud and high quality mobile SDK.

Focus on building game functionality and reduce your time to market.

Real-time user presence updates using patented network aware protocol.

Seamless session continuity minimizes user frustration due to lags & connection errors.

For multiplayer games: faster, more reliable and scalable gamer communication (discovery, position, stats, chat).

Improved protection against DOS and other common attacks.

Optimized secure content delivery, reducing overhead costs (eg. SSL rountrips).

For multiplayer games: enhanced measures to minimize "Cheater in the room" problems.

Mobile Connect focuses on features that impact apps the most, while building on our successful Mobile Expresslane, which currently provides fast mobile networking to 15 million daily users.