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PacketZoom Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks.

Get a bird’s-eye view of mobile network and app performance around the globe.

*Per data collected March, 2018

Number of Mobile App Sessions Impacted By Network Disconnection (%)

This metric shows the average disconnections experienced by end users using mobile apps over cellular and WiFi networks. Disconnections are highly disruptive to the end user experience and are caused by many factors such as driving through a tunnel, moving to a different network type etc. This data is proprietary and is captured using PacketZoom technology specifically designed to rescue broken sessions due to network discontinuities.


Amount of Packet Loss Experienced On Mobile Apps (%)

Average packet loss experienced during a session by end users using mobile apps over cellular and WiFi networks. Only sessions that have a minimum of 10 transfers are counted. This data is captured from mobile apps on a transfer or session basis using the PacketZoom transport engine, part of the PacketZoom technology stack. Such precise measurements of packet loss are not available from most kernel TCP stacks.

* Data for mainland China is as seen by PacketZoom locations across our Asian locations.

Number of Mobile App Sessions With Failed Transfers (%)

Average transfer failures experienced by end users on mobile apps over cellular and WiFi networks using HTTP. Note: there are multiple transfers in each mobile app session. This data is proprietary and captured using PacketZoom RUM from the client side. Use of the PacketZoom technology drastically reduces failure rates for most apps.


Weighted Average Response Time For Mobile Apps (ms)

Weighted average of round-trip-times across all network types as experienced by mobile end users over cellular and WiFi networks.


Test Methodology

The Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report is based on millions of data points gathered from usage of mobile apps around the world. Benchmarks are based on actual performance data of mobile apps as experienced by real users in each country.
Twenty countries included in the Observatory have been selected based on their size, amount of mobile traffic, and representation of a particular region of the world. They are subject to change.
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