Mobile App Retail Index

Is Your Shopping App Fast Enough for Your Customers?

PacketZoom’s Mobile App Retail Index benchmarks the performance of selected popular retail applications. The Index focuses on the most frequently visited page of each app and ranks them by average download time. The variability in download time is a result of both (1) app infrastructure and (2) design methodology. Brands that are ranked high are likely to use either advanced mobile acceleration technologies or minimal design approach (or both).

When Integrating PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane, download time was reduced, with speedup factor up to 1.67X

Network Analytics and Monitoring

Mobile App Retail index for iOS devices over WiFi

Mobile App Retail index for iOS devices over WiFi


PacketZoom downloaded the iOS version of each app and installed it on a real iOS device. We downloaded the main screen and recorded all network requests and responses.

These recorded URLs including the way they were requested ( parallel/non-parallel) were then requested from thousands of real iOS devices twice over a WiFi connection:

  1. Using standard HTTP/TCP and
  2. Using PacketZoom Mobile Expreslane
During the process we measured the download time on the end user device.