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Mobile App Delivery in China - Accelerated

Chinese apps and global apps operating in China can finally enjoy the best of both worlds: PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane in-app networking technology resolving the mobile last mile challenge combined with the latest CDN technology by ChinaCache, China’s leading content delivery vendor.

Operating together, PacketZoom and ChinaCache speed up mobile app performance over evolving cellular networks, thereby improve the user experience.

The PacketZoom Difference

  • The first in-app technology to boost performance, increase user engagement, and improve monetization.
  • Enhances your CDN by removing network roadblocks in cell tower to mobile phone last-mile.
  • Speeds up static and dynamic content, API calls and 3rd party SDK requests.
  • The only solution that recovers interrupted connections and ensures high session quality.
  • SDK integrates with app in minutes and requires no changes to app or infrastructure.
  • Unprecedented operational monitoring and real-time control.


PacketZoom’s partner ChinaCache is a leading provider of enterprise CDN solutions for mobile apps across China:

  • A carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache's network in China is interconnected with networks operated by all telecom carriers, major non-carriers and local Internet service providers.
  • ChinaCache has almost two decades of experience in developing solutions tailored to China's complex Internet infrastructure.
  • ChinaCache is the partner of choice for businesses, government agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of online services and applications and improve end-user experience.