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3 ways to save with PacketZoom

At PacketZoom we believe your data belongs to you and should be free-forever. We offer free diagnosis, alerting and control features with Mobile IQ, and significant CDN Savings with Mobile Expresslane. Bundle these solutions with the popular Amazon Cloudfront service, and experience the best technical results for the best price possible.

Mobile IQ

Replace expensive mobile APM solutions with free-forever real time analytics and control

  • Free Network Monitoring
  • Zero code change integration
  • Error tracking and analysis
  • User behavior monitoring

Mobile Expresslane

Boost up your mobile app performance and reliability by adding Mobile Expresslane to your legacy web CDN

  • Free Daily Active Users
  • Up to 2x speedup
  • Up to 90% less network errors
  • Up to 80% CDN savings

Make PacketZoom your one-stop-shop for all your mobile networking needs by bundling Amazon Cloudfront

  • Bundle the most popular Web CDN
  • Best pricing options
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Consolidated billing