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3 ways to save with PacketZoom

PacketZoom’s mobile networking solutions offer time and cost savings. Bundle Mobile Expresslane with Amazon CloudFront and experience the best technical results for the best price possible; Reduce multiuser app development cost and time to market with Mobile Connect's real-time messaging capabilities.

Mobile Expresslane

Boost up your mobile app performance and reliability by adding Mobile Expresslane to your legacy web CDN

  • Free Daily Active Users
  • Up to 2x speedup
  • Up to 90% less network errors
  • Up to 80% CDN savings

Make PacketZoom your one-stop-shop for all your mobile networking needs by bundling Amazon Cloudfront

  • Bundle the most popular Web CDN
  • Best pricing options
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Consolidated billing

Mobile Connect

Reduce development costs and time to market with Mobile Connect's real time multi-user messaging capabilities

  • Mature UDP based network stack
  • Worldwide speed and reliability
  • No need for in house solutions
  • Save the operational "headache"