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Putting the zoom in mobile apps.

The perfect solution to accelerate every mobile app.

For DevOps

2x Faster Mobile Apps
With PacketZoom, your mobile apps can reduce the number of round trips and make much more efficient use of bandwidth available to the user.
Increase Your App Performance, Not Your Budget
Already have a CDN? PacketZoom automatically offloads mobile content caching from your CDN. You enjoy net zero impact on operating expenses.
More Reliability Even When Mobile Networks Aren’t
PZ Session Assurance provides uninterrupted mobile sessions entering mobile network dead zone or while traveling between access points and even different networks .
You’re In Control
Get unprecedented operational monitoring and control for DevOps teams to manage mobile app performance. Conduct A/B tests to see performance with and without PacketZoom.
Fail Forward Technology
Before the first request delivers any content, we check to make sure that everything on our end is healthy and fast. If anything seems wrong the service remains in false state.
Get Started in Minutes
PacketZoom integrates in minutes, requires no changes or infrastructure configuration, and no additional hardware or software to implement. Our SDK offers drag and drop integration and is lightweight with a minimal memory footprint.

For Product Managers

Turbocharge your mobile app
PacketZoom Mobile Expresslanes accelerate the performance of mobile apps in the crucial last mile where 70% of latency happens today. We create an optimal path between the mobile user (device), through mobile networks, to your CDN or origin servers.
Less time waiting, more time engaging
When your app delivers awesome performance your users will zoom through without roadblocks. End result: less time waiting, more time engaging. When your mobile app is on the PZ Expresslane your users enjoy an uninterrupted experience from practically any location.
It'z Easy PZ
The integration has you in mind. Takes just minutes, requires no changes to your app or infrastructure configuration, and no additional hardware or software to implement. PacketZoom is 100% cloud based service. Conduct A/B tests to see performance with and without PacketZoom.

For Mobile Developers


Engagement and Retention
Faster content downloads have a direct and positive impact on engagement and retention
increased monetization could be achieved when the supporting transport layer is perfected..
User Experience
A great app user experience is ruined if the user has to wait too long to interact with it. A richer and more interactive user interface is possible once the underlying protocol is able to support it.


Drag and drop
No client or server code changes are necessary, completed in minutes.
Our memory footprint has been carefully tuned to be as small as possible. One of the many things you’re going to like about this SDK.
Built in A/B testing
No need for a 3rd party A/B testing platform. Simply adjust the percentage of traffic that goes through PacketZoom and watch the differences.

Protocol - We actively monitor network conditions to enable:

Faster Startup
PacketZoom reduces the number of roundtrips it takes to establish the optimal rate of data exchange by taking into consideration real time network conditions.
Seamless Connection Handling
PacketZoom treats the actual mobile device as the destination for data packets. This allows us to easily handle the intermittent nature of mobile connections in an intelligent, fault-tolerant way.
Intelligent Handling
Wireless networks routinely drop packets. PacketZoom has a built-in mechanism for actively monitoring the network condition as experienced by the receiving device. This allows us to react more intelligently to dropped packets.