Faster and More Reliable
Content Delivery for Mobile Apps

A protocol-based service, built for mobile.
2-10x Faster
PacketZoom's protocol uses bandwidth more efficiently than HTTP/TCP.
Transfers continue after network disconnection.
Anytime Control
Real time control of SDK after deployment. A/B test, control app traffic, filter URL types.
5 Min Integration
No server code. Drag and drop SDK integration. No keyboard required.
Built for mobile. Built for speed.
// Yeah, we’re serious. See for yourself.
// Seeing is believing. Watch these head-to-head videos.*
* These videos were created in the PacketZoom lab - we don’t currently work with any of these developers. We picked them because they are examples of great apps who are using current industry best practices to make their app as fast as possible.
// no server code. Drag and drop SDK integration = no keyboard required.
How does it work? Talk #nerdy to me.
// Stop using a 40-year-old protocol.
// TL;DR
Fewer round trips per file, and we use bandwidth hella efficiently.
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Latency, the time it takes for a packet to get from a server to a device, is the number one killer of speed. PacketZoom reduces the number of round trips to the server, so that round-trip latency has less of a chance to slow things down.
// TL;DR
Relying on 40-year-old assumptions is kinda dumb, so we actively monitor network conditions.
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Mobile networks routinely drop a small percentage of packets because of the very nature of mobile technology. PacketZoom protocol (PZP) has a built-in mechanism for actively monitoring the network condition as experienced by the receiving device. This allows us to react more intelligently to dropped packets.
// TL;DR
We expect solar flares or tunnels to mess things up and built our protocol for the real world.
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PacketZoom Protocol treats the actual mobile device as the destination for data packets, compared to legacy protocols that use only the device’s IP address. You can count on PacketZoom to handle the intermittent nature of mobile connections in a smart way.